May 28, 2015 • JavaScript

Transitioning height with CSS can be a little tricky. I was playing around with the this on a project a few days ago, and came up with solution, - and no it’s not called jQuery. Let’s do this in Vanilla.

May 20, 2015 • Web Development

So lets say you’re primarily a front-end developer, but you know a bit of php and maybe some other back-end stuff as well. You want to start a blog to help share your opinions and get your name out there.You think, well WordPress should be a good choice, it’s got most of everything setup, all all I need to do is write my posts into the WYSIWYG editor, and boom! I’m all done.

Jun 2, 2014 • JavaScript

DOM events and their respective listeners’ are quite possibly one of the greatest built-in features of native JavaScript. There’s an event for practically anything and everything, making it super easy to capture when users are doing things like scrolling, clicking, mouse-moving or even pressing a given key on any element. Having said that, adding an

Apr 23, 2014 • Web Design

A few weeks ago, I came across this video by Joe Fellows explaining how to create “parallax” effects on photos using a combination of Photoshop and After Effects. After watching it, it got me thinking – “Why not try to create similar effects for images on the web with CSS keyframe animations?” Below is a demo

Apr 21, 2014 • Web Development

“Injecting SVG” – it sounds kinda complicated I know, but trust me it’s not. It’s actually super-simple! Right now you’re probably thinking “Why would you use JavaScript to inject SVG markup? What is it? And how does it work?” Let me explain. Advantages of inline SVG From a deployment point-of-view, there are so many ways of

Apr 11, 2014 • Tips & Tricks

You might have noticed lately there’s this whole thing with front-end developers using “pure” JavaScript (i.e JavaScript), rather than third-party libraries like jQuery. Maybe you’ve seen – a snippet list of basic jQuery-less JavaScript syntax. No doubt, JavaScript “purists” and advocates have been around for a long time, however jQuery is often considered the go-to

Apr 8, 2014 • Typography

Every week, as part of our on-going weekly posts segment, we post a review-article on an exciting typeface or font for your enjoyment. So whether you’re in search of a new font to use for your next project, or maybe you just want to extend your typographic awareness, our weekly font review is must-read for any type enthusiast.

Apr 7, 2014 • News

Each month we be post a brief review-article featuring the very best of what’s been happening in the world of design and development over the course of the previous month. This typically includes news, features, newly released fonts, freebies, plugins and other important happenings across our industry, keeping you up to date on what’s trending

Apr 6, 2014 • Typography

If you’ve been following the saga on what’s going on at formally known as H & FJ Typography (now Hoefler & Co.) here on Pencil Scoop, you’ll no doubt be familiar with Jonathan Hoefloer’s almost brutal response issued last month via the New York County Supreme Court. If you’ve missed out on what’s been happening, take a look

Apr 5, 2014 • Tips & Tricks

The CSS transition: property is actually a shorthand property used to define up to 4 different transition values. In its short-hand syntax, it looks like this: As you can see there are four different properties that can be defined. Each property defines a different property of the transition. Separated into longhand format, the four properties

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